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Emet Digital is one of Yelp’s top official Premier Partners.
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Unlock the potential of Yelp with Emet Digital, your trusted advertising partner. Our experts harness Yelp's power to supercharge your marketing. We master PPC, offer virtual assistant support, and employ autoresponder strategies for a standout digital marketing presence. Let us enhance your Yelp listing for top-notch visibility and results.

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According to Nielsen, 79% of Yelp visitors make a purchase within a week after searching for a business.

How We Help Our Clients Rank as a Yelp Partner

ad copy

Compelling Ad Copy

keyword management

In-Depth Keyword Management

engaging graphics

Engaging Graphics


Thoughtfully Curated Portfolio


Relevant Business Highlights


Weekly Yelp Connect Posts

How We Give You the Edge

We understand the fierce competition you face and have developed powerful tools that give you the edge, enabling you to close more leads and stay ahead of the game.

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Lightning-Fast Autoresponder

We've engineered an autoresponder that is designed to deliver lightning-fast responses to your clients. Within seconds, your clients receive a prompt and personalized reply, showcasing your commitment to exceptional customer service.

Virtual Assistant Service

In addition to our autoresponder, we offer a Virtual Assistant service that serves as your dedicated support system. Our highly trained team works alongside you, helping with follow-ups and assisting in closing more clients.

Click Fraud Prevention

We maximize the effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns by safeguarding them against click fraud. Our click fraud prevention software ensures that your budget is wisely spent on genuine clicks, saving you money.


We supercharge your paid media campaigns with our retargeting software across multiple channels. Our software delivers personalized messages that keep your brand top of mind, driving higher conversions and maximizing your advertising ROI.

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New to Yelp?

With over 150 million reviews posted to date, Yelp is one of the largest review generation platforms in the world. In addition to posting reviews, users can use Yelp to follow their favorite businesses, find events, explore user-generated lists and interface with other Yelpers.

Paid vs. Organic Yelp Profile Features

Organic Paid
Business Info (hours, contact, details, etc.)
Ads (placement at the top of search results)
Custom Ads (showcase text, pics & reviews)
Reviews (and ability to respond)
Call to Action Button
Business Updates
Business Highlights (coupons, sales, etc.)
Services Offered
Enhanced Slideshow
Competitors' Ads Restriction
Featured Video
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Yelp Advertising VS. Google Advertising

So, what are some of the major differences between Yelp and Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns?

One pivotal distinction between Yelp and Google advertising revolves around audience intent and demographics. Google, the world’s largest search engine, boasts billions of daily searches, offering immense reach. Yet, quality often trumps quantity. Yelp users exhibit strong purchase intent:

To maximize your advertising budget, consider the unique strengths of Yelp and Google and tailor your approach accordingly. Depending on your business and strategy, using both platforms may yield the best results. Understanding these distinctions helps you make informed decisions for your business.