Social Media
At Emet Digital, we help our clients build brand loyalty and stay at the forefront of their customer's mind through consistent online presence and engagement.

The Growth Potential of Social Media

Social media has become an unavoidable presence in our modern world and some of the most successful businesses worldwide have learned to harness its power for growth. As this new and thriving online ecosystem continues to become more influential on a daily basis, those who learn to use this powerful marketing tool to their advantage will maintain an edge over their competitors.

Your social media accounts are a distribution channel, through which you have the ability to present your brand. Social media management includes the research, creation, and timely distribution that goes into a great feed. Content is carefully planned to help raise brand awareness, increase market authority, and interest your consumers. Furthermore, social media management encompasses the process of responding to and interacting with followers.

By engaging in social media marketing on a consistent and purposeful basis, companies can learn to better target their audience, increase their overall reach in the digital marketplace, and groom leads over time toward the point of converting them into customers.

How Social Media Benefits Your Brand

Our holistic approach to social media management spans the gamut of acquiring new business, nurturing interested prospects, and increasing the lifetime value of existing customers. Well-managed and active accounts increase the perceived professionalism of your brand. For many businesses, social media is a great platform to capture the attention of prospective clients in a way that feels fun, creative and unique.

Many consumers are now extremely resistant to the so-called “hard sell” tactic. Instead, viewers much prefer to receive valuable information that allows them to make their own informed decisions. By providing that information, your brand can gain credibility and begin to develop its authority as a thought leader in the space. Engaging with your audience through social media and providing a positive environment to exchange information generates a captive community through which you can generate loyalty, build relationships and grow your business.

The Emet Approach to Social Media

At Emet Digital, we recognize and leverage the importance of a positive social media presence. For many service-based businesses, social media is a platform where you can cultivate authority by sharing useful articles and information with your followers.

We understand that social media is not an effective sales platform for everyone. We perform extensive industry research, A/B testing and audits in order to determine the optimal strategy for your social media content. Before we begin our work, we’ll sit down with you to uncover your ideal client. As we move forward in the process, we create content with the express purpose of addressing the reason that ideal client needs your products or services. All this helps inform how we allocate our social media ad budget and develop an effective bid strategy for maximizing the campaign’s reach and conversions.

Our social media management strategy focuses on accelerating growth and nurturing new leads. We understand that your users may be in very different positions within your sales path. That’s why we create customized content for different client personas. This targeted content helps us turn your visitors into customers and your loyal customers into brand advocates.