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Web Development

Converting Visitors into Customers

Visual appeal is an important part of success, but ultimately every part of your web design should work toward a singular purpose. Your website should be a conversion machine, working for you at all hours of the day. The goal of every website is to keep your users engaged while they’re receiving information, then hold their attention until they convert. An effective website is essentially a growth engine.

What are the components of web development?

Web development is often referred to simply as web design. While web design is a part of the process, that’s actually an oversimplification. Web development is a broad field that involves all the moving parts of getting a website ready for launch. Technology is always evolving and web development focuses on making your website as advanced and user-friendly as possible. From the visual structure to the navigation design to responsive coding, web development includes every facet of making your website look perfect.

What makes web development so important?

Your users may not see every element of your web development process, but each step informs their overall experience. Web development allows you to adapt, not just to internet search trends, but to the ways your customers access your site. In recent years, more and more individuals have begun to use cell phones and other mobile devices to access services and make purchasing decisions. Your web development process needs to be responsive enough to account for mobile users, or you risk losing business.

What differentiates your approach?

At Emet Digital, we build websites that convert. While other companies may try to prioritize search engine results using keyword stuffing and other tactics unfriendly to users, we keep your consumer in mind at every stage of the process. We’re a team of real people, so we design for real people — not algorithms.

Before we begin our work, we examine your existing business. This helps us identify key triggers in the lead generation process. Throughout the rest of the development process, we keep those triggers in mind so that your users’ journey takes them from passive to active. Our work is also informed by site speed, domain authority, and brand identity considerations. As a result of our fully integrated approach, your website will exhibit professional polish while supporting your overall marketing efforts.