What exactly is SEO?

Instead of envisioning search engine optimization as one thing, it’s best to think of it as an umbrella term. The SEO process can include almost any technique designed to increase a website’s ranking across the various search engines. Some methods include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Authority Building
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Landing Pages
  • Onsite Optimization

We employ all of these methods, and more, as dictated by your lead generation plan. We evaluate current traffic and compare that data to the desired traffic. Through SEO, we develop a search engine friendly website to close that gap.

What makes SEO so important?

In an increasingly technological world, SEO isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. Saturated markets have provided consumers with a seemingly endless range of choices. Search engine optimization is about positioning your business so that it is most visible to the individuals who are primed to make a purchase or become a sales lead.

Search engine results are constantly fluctuating. You will see different results for the same inquiry based on whether you’re searching in California or New York. Outranking your competition, even by one position, can have a measurable impact on your profits. Long-term, organic SEO success requires identifying the keywords and phrases relevant to your business, then creating useful and original content around those terms.

What differentiates your approach?

At Emet Digital, we integrate our SEO goals into every stage of our process. For example, we may create an impactful graphic design that functions as a linkable asset or write a series of informative blog articles surrounding specific keywords. Search engine optimization is never an afterthought. Instead, we consider your ranking goals for local, national, and global results and develop a long-term strategy to ensure we meet those goals.

We know that our work isn’t done once your website is ranking on page one. To maintain your ranking, we consistently monitor site performance across relevant keywords and fine-tune our approach. In order to continuously compete, we focus on creating new and relevant content for your users. We want to show each search engine that your website to be a valuable and active part of the online ecosystem.