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Email Marketing

What exactly is email marketing?

The term email marketing can encompass all of the sales-oriented marketing emails you receive from a business. The process is intended to nurture each subscriber as they make their way down the sales funnel. For businesses that sell products, marketing emails may include coupons, deals, or sale notifications. For service-based industries, marketing emails may include discount offers, bundle deals, or compelling information about the service. These emails serve to accelerate the sales cycle.

What differentiates your approach?

At Emet Digital, our goal is to revolutionize how you think about email marketing. The key to a successful campaign is relevancy and frequency. We put in the work up front in order to develop content that adds value to your subscribers. Next, we establish an email frequency optimized for conversions. Throughout the campaign we perform ongoing research and testing, allowing us to maximize your budget and deliver real engagement.

In addition to creating high-quality content, our email marketing strategy includes growing your subscriber base. This can be accomplished through the creation of lead magnets, valuable and informative assets that initiate a subscription. For example, a lead magnet may be a helpful eBook, available for free via email. We’ll also evaluate your overall lead generation plan to leverage calls to action and advertising campaigns to increase subscribers.

A well-executed email marketing campaign can take subscribers who are still in the research stage of the sales cycle and turn them into real buyers. Of course, we realize that email marketing is not right for every client. Some services and businesses, especially those that are emergency-based, may not benefit from consistent contact. As a result, we perform extensive industry research in order to understand how our email marketing efforts would be positioned in your overall lead generation strategy. We believe that your budget is best utilized where it will generate the greatest returns, so we only begin email marketing if it fits the overall strategy.