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Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles & Silicon Valley

What does it mean to be a BBB® Partnered Vendor?

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust. Nearly 400,000 local businesses in North America are accredited by BBB. We make sure all our clients are accredited to help them stand out from their competition and so that they can enjoy an image of credibility. In addition to gaining new exposure to thousands of BBB visitors every day, our clients benefit from BBB’s mediation and arbitration services. These complaint settlement services provide our clients with a fair and equitable way to resolve disputes and avoid high legal costs. These services are included at no additional charge for BBB Accredited Businesses. As a partnered vendor, we offer exclusive services to the BBB community, including free webinars & online marketing training.

Become Accredited

Submit a new request to become accredited and receive our 20% discount!

Get a Privacy Policy

Create a Privacy Policy page so you can become accredited business.

BBB Dynamic Seal

Get a BBB Dynamic Seal logo to So you can add it to your website.

What other benefits do BBB accredited businesses enjoy?

Monthly Reporting:
BBB sends our clients a monthly Stream page Newsletter including a report with statistics about their BBB Business Profile.
BBB shares their Accredited Business data with through their API partnership which shows our client’s Accreditation on their site and moves them to the top of the list when consumers select BBB A/A+ button at the top of their search page.
BBB shares their Accredited Business data with and our client’s listings are highlighted in a bold blue box featuring their Accredited Status. BBB is one of the strongest sites in the world (top 150 according to Linking to them with the dynamic seal elevates our client’s websites in search! Contact us to learn more about our BBB Partnership and how you can benefit from it!