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Startup Marketing that Differentiates

You didn’t launch your startup because you wanted to fit in. Discover a marketing strategy that sets you apart!

Growth Begins with Startup Marketing

Startup companies have a reputation for bold decisions and unconventional branding. However, when it comes to marketing, many of these companies find themselves leaning on tired and traditional strategies. While this may seem like the safest course of action, it can have long-term consequences. The truth is, your consumers won’t lower their expectations because you’re a startup. In fact, many will hold you to a higher standard because you are not a known business or a proven commodity! They expect better from you: better web design, better social media, better customer service – all working together to provide an elite, world-class experience. Creating and delivering that experience begins with startup marketing.

At Emet Digital, we thrive on the challenge of startup marketing. Every day, we help entrepreneurs like you expand and develop their businesses. Our work with startups has proven that a flexible, holistic, and data-driven strategy is crucial to raising visibility and driving sales. In other words, we evaluate your startup and create a completely unique and comprehensive roadmap to success. Together, we’ll build the biggest brands of the future.

You bring your great idea. We’ll bring great marketing.

Our Startup Marketing Services

Conventional wisdom says: “if you build it, they will come”. Unfortunately, in the world of startup marketing, this is not necessarily true. Instead, we have a different motto for your industry:

If they can find you, they will come.

When you’re running a startup, it feels like you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions, each of them equally important. In this kind of environment, it’s difficult to develop a coherent strategy. That’s where we come in!

At Emet Digital, we understand startup marketing. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer a variety of services, including SEO, PPC, reputation management, and web design. And unlike other companies, we work with our clients to develop a strategy, not sell a product!

Truly effective startup marketing creates a cycle of consumer acquisition. At Emet Digital, we establish a rock-solid foundation for your brand, then introduce additional marketing elements that feed inward. At the end of the day, we’re building a marketing engine that can eventually sustain itself. Of course, we constantly monitor your results and perform adjustments as needed, but when your foundation is right, you can set the stage for lasting success.

Web Development

Your website is the digital face of your business. By combining professional, functional design elements with conversion-driven messaging, you’ll be able to connect with your consumers and appeal to search engines at the same time.


Search engine optimization is your primary source of organic traffic. Keyword research, content creation, and metadata all work together to show Google that you are a valuable and active part of the online ecosystem.

Reputation Management

Startups live and die with public opinion. By properly managing and maintaining your online reputation, you can seize every opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your audience.


Paid traffic is an excellent choice for startups that need to grow quickly. With thorough research and careful audience targeting, we can position your business in front of your most valuable consumers.

The Secret Ingredient to Our Startup Marketing.

What exactly are you selling? Does the product/service fulfill an existing need, or will it require demand generation? How much will the product/service cost and how will it affect the people who buy it? Do you have competitors in your industry or related industries?

As your marketing partners, we’ll help you answer these questions to develop and refine your brand. Chances are, you’ve already come up with an elevator pitch for your business, but an elevator pitch isn’t the same thing as a unique brand. Your brand is your identity. It’s your relationship with your consumers and the cornerstone of your business.

The key to effective startup marketing is storytelling.

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to get consumers to value a service or product that they’ve never seen in action. In order to communicate your value, you need to establish a relationship with your target market through storytelling. Your brand should have a compelling, authentic and relatable story that your potential consumers find engaging. For example, your story may be about creating your company. What inspired you and how has your startup grown since then? When you define the story of your brand, you give people something to believe in.

Effective storytelling can involve large groups of people. Consumer psychology has shown that people are more likely to consider a product valuable if others believe in it or invest in it. As you tell your story, lean on the people who already believe in you! This could be your staff, your investors, or past satisfied customers. Their feedback can help you uncover the most engaging and effective positioning for your brand.

At the end of the day, we don’t just want people to buy your product/service. We want them to buy into your business, your goals, your message, and your journey!

At Emet Digital, we’re storytellers at heart, and we love to help startups write their story. We work with startups at every stage of development. Whether your product/service is already available, or whether we’re building a marketing blueprint to secure funding, we can offer critical strategic guidance and insights. Together, we’ll take your idea from incubation to execution.

Our startup marketing mantra: Grow traffic, convert leads, track sales

Increase Your Revenue.

We know that every startup has unique needs. We’ll work with you to define your budget, time constraints, and business goals. Results don’t always appear overnight, so we take the time to establish realistic goals. Whether you’re already selling your product/service or preparing to launch, we support your efforts by addressing your brand visibility.

Visibility is crucial as you launch, maintain, or grow your startup. In order to maximize the impact of your digital presence, we focus on generating real results and ignore vanity metrics.We track and measure everything we do based on your conversion goals. When we analyze that data, it tells us what works and what doesn’t, enabling us to constantly look for areas of growth and improvement. We optimize our work and modify the strategy along the way to address your unique challenges.

Although there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions for successful startup marketing, we leverage years of experience and research to shape our strategy. We don’t take shortcuts or shy away from the hard work. Instead, we carefully research the best marketing techniques and consistently modify our approach in the wake of new information. Furthermore, we offer ongoing strategic advice to help you leverage your industry connections and explore untapped revenue sources. Together, we’ll seize every opportunity to increasing your revenue and positively impacting your bottom line.

Get More Customers.

Startup marketing is not about appealing to everyone. Instead, it’s about investing time and effort into the people who will actually be interested in your product. In order to generate business for your startup, we first need to establish your target audience.

Depending on where you are in the launch process, you may already have some initial consumer information. Together, we’ll move beyond standard demographics and transform that information into a clear picture of the people who will become your consumers. By evaluating your business from a human perspective, we can craft a strategy that actually moves the needle.

Every startup has growing pains, and very often, your target audience evolves. We adapt to those changes by creating a customer acquisition and retention plan that you can actually scale. Together, we’ll jumpstart your business growth and create new brand advocates.

There’s a whole world out there! Let’s see what we can explore together!

The Emet Digital Difference

At Emet Digital, we understand startup marketing. How? We were once a startup ourselves! In fact, many of our executives have run their own businesses. Our real-world experience gives us insights into what you’re up against, and allows us to make tangible and effective recommendations.

We begin every startup marketing partnership by creating a roadmap for success.

To us, success isn’t an oversimplified buzzword. We define success on a case-by-case basis. Most companies want to increase revenue and attract new customers, and we’re ready to help you meet those goals. However, we know that success is more than that. Our strategies also address your larger business goals, target growth markets, and anticipated milestones.

We love to see new businesses grow, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help your startup succeed. We take pride in the quality of our services, and we don’t believe in mediocre results. Instead, we deliver full-service support to attract attention, convert visitors and close the sale!

What makes startup marketing so unique?

At Emet Digital, we approach startup marketing differently than we would approach a more established brand. With an established business, we can pull information from existing data to generate a strategy. In the case of startup marketing, we’re looking at a blank slate.

Think of marketing like construction. When we’re marketing an established business, it's like we’re completing a room addition. Our work starts with the existing structure and augments what’s already there. On the other hand, with startup marketing, we have to start our work by building the foundation. Our first task is to define, locate and reach a target audience, often with limited resources. Typically, we’re also working on an accelerated timeline and people want quick, cost-effective results.

Why should I work with an outside marketing agency?

The truth is, most startups don’t have the budget to hire an experienced in-house team. The overhead, cost of training, and the expense of providing benefits can be prohibitive. Furthermore, even if you build an internal marketing department, it takes time to establish a workflow, staff synergy and organizational structure. We believe there are better ways to use your money. Instead of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on in-house staff, we give you the full support of an established marketing department at a fraction of the cost. This leaves you with the budget and the time to focus on higher level tasks.

What kind of startups do you work with?

We offer startup marketing services to companies in all of the following industries:

- Tech startups
- Medtech startups
- Emergetech startups
- Fintech startups
- Agritech startups
- Service businesses
- Manufacturing
- Remote services
- Product sales
- Lifestyle companies
- Social startups
- Travel and tourism startups
- Food and drink startups

We’re happy to meet with anyone interested in our startup marketing services. During our first consultation, we’ll discuss your needs and determine whether we’ll be a good match. We look forward to growing with you.

Can you give me a list of your prices and packages?

At Emet Digital, we do things a little differently. We don’t offer standard and generic packages because we’ve found that they rarely produce the desired return on investment. Instead, we prefer an honest and straightforward approach. When you meet with us, we’ll identify your long-term goals, current revenue streams, and existing client acquisition systems. When we’ve gathered this information, we can give you an accurate estimate, as well as our strategy recommendations.

We know you may have seen other startup marketing agencies advertise flat fee prices for individual services. Unfortunately, in our experience, these ‘flat fees’ can double or even triple before the first bill arrives. At Emet Digital, we’re committed to full transparency. You’ll never encounter hidden fees or unplanned charges, just great service at an affordable price.