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Growth Begins with Startup Marketing

Startup companies have a reputation for bold decisions and unconventional branding. However, when it comes to marketing, many of these companies find themselves leaning on tired and traditional strategies. While this may seem like the safest course of action, it can have long-term consequences. The truth is, your consumers won’t lower their expectations because you’re a startup. In fact, many will hold you to a higher standard because you are not a known business or a proven commodity! They expect better from you: better web design, better social media, better customer service – all working together to provide an elite, world-class experience. Creating and delivering that experience begins with startup marketing.


At Emet Digital, we thrive on the challenge of startup marketing. Every day, we help entrepreneurs like you expand and develop their businesses. Our work with startups has proven that a flexible, holistic, and data-driven strategy is crucial to raising visibility and driving sales. In other words, we evaluate your startup and create a completely unique and comprehensive roadmap to success. Together, we’ll build the biggest brands of the future.

Our Main Marketing Services​


Search engine optimization is your primary source of organic traffic. Keyword research, content creation, and metadata all work together to show Google that you are a valuable and active part of the online ecosystem.

Web Development

Your website is the digital face of your business. By combining professional, functional design elements with conversion-driven messaging, you’ll be able to connect with your consumers and appeal to search engines at the same time.


Paid traffic is an excellent choice for startups that need to grow quickly. With thorough research and careful audience targeting, we can position your business in front of your most valuable consumers.

Our Startup Marketing Services

Conventional wisdom says: “if you build it, they will come”. Unfortunately, in the world of startup marketing, this is not necessarily true. Instead, we have a different motto for your industry:

If they can find you, they will come.


When you’re running a startup, it feels like you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions, each of them equally important. In this kind of environment, it’s difficult to develop a coherent strategy. That’s where we come in!


At Emet Digital, we understand startup marketing. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer a variety of services, including SEO, PPC, reputation management, and web design. And unlike other companies, we work with our clients to develop a strategy, not sell a product!


Truly effective startup marketing creates a cycle of consumer acquisition. At Emet Digital, we establish a rock-solid foundation for your brand, then introduce additional marketing elements that feed inward. At the end of the day, we’re building a marketing engine that can eventually sustain itself. Of course, we constantly monitor your results and perform adjustments as needed, but when your foundation is right, you can set the stage for lasting success.

Ready To Grow Your Business?

You deserve more than a cookie-cutter strategy and mediocre results. Together, we’ll build something exceptional. Our marketing strategy does the heavy lifting so that you focus on what you do best.

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At Emet Digital, we believe that relationships matter. In fact, strong personal relationships are the basis of everything we do! Our success relies on transparency, communication, and respect. Through long-term partnerships, we provide excellent customer service and consistent value for our clients.


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