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Google Ads

The Grease That Lubes Your Marketing Engine

With over 3.5 billion Google searches per day, it’s hard to understate the value of appearing at the top of the results. By leveraging an in-depth understanding of the consumer and extensive testing, pay per click campaigns with GoogleAds can successfully position businesses in front of their desired audience.

What exactly is GoogleAds?

GoogleAds, formerly known as Google Adwords, offers businesses the opportunity to run paid advertising campaigns. Businesses pay in order to appear under the “Sponsored Listing” section of the search results. The sponsored listing section is shown near the top of the page, which ultimately generates more clicks and higher overall traffic.

What makes GoogleAds so important?

Many businesses are afraid to venture into paid marketing because they fear they will be unable to compete with large corporate budgets. The truth is, your results aren’t dictated by what you spend. Instead, they’re dictated by how you spend it. When it comes to expanding your audience, there’s no better platform than GoogleAds.

Through a process called contextual targeting, the search engine is able to pair ads with specific, relevant search queries. Google analyzes your ad copy, as well as links and page structure in order to match your advertisement with the pages that your customers visit. This highly specific targeting, when properly utilized, can quickly result in higher traffic and increased revenue.

What differentiates your approach?

At Emet Digital, we view GoogleAds as one piece of the lead generation puzzle. Although you may see immediate results, your campaigns should be evolving constantly in order to maximize your profits. That’s why our certified campaign management team consistently monitors ad performance in order to improve lead quality over time. Through ongoing research and testing, we’re able to identify the best ad buys to maximize your budget and deliver real engagement.

A well-executed GoogleAds campaign can take viewers who are just researching and turn them into real buyers. Unfortunately, we realize that GoogleAds is not right for every client. Your budget is best utilized where it will generate the greatest returns. As a result, we perform extensive upfront industry research in order to understand how GoogleAds would be positioned in your overall lead generation strategy.