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Display Advertising

What exactly is display advertising?

Display advertising exists at the intersection of graphic design and PPC. In a display advertising campaign, businesses pay based on how many users engage with the ad. However, instead of basic text copy, the ad includes visual components, such as image, video or Flash coding. This form of advertising also utilizes the same advanced targeting techniques as traditional PPC in order to ensure exposure to high-intent users.

What makes display advertising so important?

In the highly competitive online marketplace, display advertising can be an invaluable tool. A well-crafted and expertly positioned ad can increase brand recognition as well as communicate an important message. When users click on your ad, it’s considered a click-through, and they’ll be directed to your website or landing page. At that point, they’ll be met with additional content to usher them further into the sales funnel. This strategy not only increases traffic but frequently generates leads.

Display advertising operates a bit like a feedback cycle. Each time a user clicks on your ad and arrives at your website, this is registered as traffic for the purpose of search engines. Even if the user does not become a qualified lead, their presence on your site still has a positive impact on your organic SEO. As you increase in organic rankings, display advertising campaign providers typically lower your costs per click.

What differentiates your approach?

At Emet Digital, we view display advertising as one piece of the overall lead generation puzzle. Although you may see immediate results, your campaigns should be evolving constantly in order to maximize your profits. That’s why our dedicated campaign management team consistently monitors ad performance in order to improve lead quality over time. Through ongoing research and testing, we’re able to identify the best ad buys to maximize your budget and deliver real engagement.

A well-executed display advertising campaign can take viewers who are just researching and turn them into real buyers. Unfortunately, we realize that display advertising is not right for every client. As a result, we perform extensive upfront industry research in order to understand how it would be positioned in your overall lead generation strategy. We believe that your budget is best utilized where it will generate the greatest returns, so we never recommend a campaign that will generate weak leads and low engagement.