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The Waterboy
Case Study

We worked with The Waterboy to develop and execute a mobile-friendly website that provides clear consumer value and reflects their position as market leaders.

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Meet the Client

The Waterboy is a newly established leak detection company. Leak detection is a specialty service focused on leak identification, rather than damage repair.

The unique nature of the leak detection business had an immediate impact on our strategy. Many potential clients regarded leak detection as an ‘extra step’ before repairs could begin. Educating consumers was critical. Ultimately, we created a straightforward, information-rich website that communicated the value of our client’s service.

Understanding the Industry

Throughout our partnership with The Waterboy, our marketing strategy has been guided by one fact: Leak detection is primarily an emergency service. The target market for emergency services cannot afford to perform extensive research, because they are being faced with a problem that requires an immediate response. For example, if a homeowner discovers a flooded basement and cannot locate the source of the leak, they’re unlikely to reach out to multiple companies for leak detection quotes. Emergency service leads generally come from mobile users.

Using this knowledge, we crafted a website optimized for stressed homeowners on mobile devices. We positioned the most important information in clear view, and made sure that it was easy to call and schedule an appointment. Our search engine rankings have been consistently trending upward. Presently, we’re maintaining a traffic growth rate of 87%, which is expected to grow with time.

Our Added Value

Leak detection is a niche industry, however The Waterboy was facing stiff competition for search engine rankings. We needed to help them distinguish their brand. After discussing this challenge with our client, we decided to create content for DIY leak detection. We created dozens of pages and articles designed to help homeowners locate their own leaks.

Although it initially sounds counterintuitive, it has become an extremely rewarding strategy. Generating this content clearly communicated expertise to people visiting our website. Furthermore, the competition was not offering similar resources, which helped us establish The Waterboy as a trustworthy, consumer-focused brand.  Lastly, this content has increased the overall quality of incoming leads. By providing homeowners with the information needed to handle smaller problems, the leads that remained more frequently represented significant jobs.