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RS Eventime
Case Study

Where others saw a need to outspend the niche market competition, we saw an opportunity to overcome barriers to growth through organic traffic.

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Meet the Client

RS Eventime is a partnership between two experienced event planners. They’ve dedicated their core business to the planning and execution of weddings in Israel.

Our clients were looking for organic growth, rather than paid campaigns. In order to improve their search engine rankings, we created a simple, professional, and user friendly website. Next, we populated each page with informative, keyword-rich content  to target people searching for their services. Our clean design helps visitors to focus on the content and allows them to visualize their own wedding or special event. 

Visual Sales Pitch

Wedding planning is a complicated process that involves a great deal of research, effort and time. Many couples initially expect to handle the process themselves. They believe that wedding planning services are cost-prohibitive and unnecessary.  To combat these misconceptions, we created an emotionally resonant video advertisement for RS Eventime.

We elected to create a video because it consistently offers a significant return on investment. In fact, according to a study by the Aberdeen Group, video marketing typically generates a 66% increase in qualified leads. After the content was finalized, we embedded the video on the homepage of the website where it could be easily accessed.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

As we worked with RS Eventime, our research revealed that a high proportion of visitors were viewing the site on a mobile device. The visitors were predominately women in the early stages of wedding planning. At this point, very few people are ready to buy, but they may be willing to make an initial contact. With these considerations in mind, we created a mobile-friendly version of the website with multiple prominently placed contact buttons. After we implemented this strategy, we immediately saw an increase in qualified leads.

History of Excellence

Consumer buying behavior varies drastically between industries. Our challenge was to determine the kind of content that would generate qualified leads within the wedding planning industry. We quickly discovered that trust is everything.

Potential RS Eventime clients needed to feel confident that their wedding would be in capable hands. After identifying this critical facet of buying behavior, we created beautiful, expansive galleries of past events. Furthermore, we reached out to former clients who provided glowing testimonials. These elements allowed site visitors to envision the wedding experience they could have with RS Eventime.