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Healthcare Logistics Management
Case Study

Over time, we revolutionized our client’s perception of lead generation using a straightforward strategy that reflects the speed and accuracy of the logistics industry.

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Meet the Client

Healthcare Logistics Management is a licensed provider of medical logistics. As a logistics provider, the company is tasked with organizing the safe transport of medical products and biohazard materials.

When we began our work, the company did not have a digital presence. As we built their website, consumer trust was a vital component of the content creation and design. Due to the precise and highly regulated nature of the medical transport industry, it was important that the company credentials and certifications were clearly displayed. Currently, our website is successfully ranking across search engines for high-priority search terms. 

Above and Beyond

Our partnership with Healthcare Logistics Management is a great illustration of our value as a boutique marketing agency. We limit our client list to ensure we continue to provide exceptional service for all. This gives us the freedom to take on new challenges as they emerge.

In this case, we operated outside of our capacity as a marketing agency to fill the role of employment training team. Working with company leadership, we created a 9-minute animated training video that merged FDA and OSHA compliance with compelling visuals and voiceover. This training video will be circulated internally and used during medical courier orientation.