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Emet Comics
Case Study

Meet the Client

Emet Comics is an independent comics publisher based in Los Angeles. Their core business is the creation and publication of unique stories by women and diverse creators.

Comics don’t emerge from a void. They are the culmination of dedication and effort from writers, artists, publishers and supportive readers. This collaborative spirit shaped our strategy for Emet Comics. Ultimately, we created a website that was not just a branding tool, but also an interactive platform to showcase creators and relevant industry news.

Sales and Funding

Did you know that most funding for independent publishing comes from prospective readers? Instead of seeking corporate investors, crowdfunding is the industry standard. We worked with Emet Comics to manage and support the crowdfunding process. This involved multiple social media campaigns to engage with our target market and make them aware of each project. During funding, we also ran cross promotions with other independent publishers. Through cross promotions, both campaigns were able to generate additional funding and exposure, while backers would earn exclusive rewards.

After a project is successfully funded, the book then moves to publication. The individuals who pledged support will receive their rewards, which range from physical copies of the book to posters, tote bags, shirts and pins. After the initial funding window has passed, interested readers are directed to an eCommerce shop on the Emet Comics website. This shop allows consumers to purchase digital or physical editions of Emet Comics products, as well as branded merchandise.

Finding the Audience

Unlike other industries, independent publishing is a close-knit and supportive community. Success for one business is not necessarily a loss for another. As a result, we were able to build reciprocal relationships with other publishers to grow our audience organically. We raised awareness for multiple crowdfunding campaigns by other publishers, and in return, we received support during our own funding stages.

Emet Comics is not just a business, it’s also a message of support for nontraditional stories and diverse creators. This message was profoundly resonant to our audience.  Over time, we gained a following of over 30,000 people across social media platforms, with nearly 19,000 of those followers coming from Twitter.

Trailers and Press

Prior to publication, many Emet Comics projects received press coverage. We were responsible for creating marketing materials, such as book trailers, which were disseminated with press releases. Featured right, you’ll see  the book trailer for The Wendy Project, which debuted exclusively in The Hollywood Reporter

Our social media following grew exponentially with each project. Throughout the process, we engaged with our target audience consistently and genuinely. In addition to press coverage, we also generated organic interactions with influencers such as Roxanne Gay and Scott McCloud.