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Azran Financial
Case Study

Through our partnership with Azran Financial, we’ve successfully engaged consumers and increased conversion rates in valuable, growing markets.

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Meet the Client

Azran Financial is a certified accounting firm based throughout the Southern California area. The firm provides a wide variety of accounting and business advisory services.

After consulting with company leadership, we learned that our client received a consistent influx of business during and around tax season. Armed with that knowledge, we created a long-term strategy to increase search engine rankings. This involved expanding our client’s website and creating educational lead magnets, such as blog articles and videos. We strategically positioned those lead magnets on external sites in order to generate traffic. We are now ranking consistently for our target keywords. 

Riding the Wave

It’s difficult to gain exposure and even more difficult to retain attention online. Fortunately, video can help businesses cut trhough the noise. Forbes reports that 64% of users are more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video. This impressive statistic led us to create an animated explainer video for cryptocurrency accounting.

Our client identified cryptocurrency accounting and tax planning as a valuable market. Currently, the tax laws surrounding cryptocurrency are contradictory and difficult to understand.  This confusion created a need for accurate information. In order to fill the gap, we created a concise educational video to answer common questions.

Managing Professional Presence

Joshua Azran founded Azran Financial in 2010.  Over the years, the firm has grown to exponentially, becoming the go-to destination for startups and entrepreneurs. Since its inception, Joshua has provided personal and dedicated service to nearly every client. He is truly the face of his company, which greatly impacted on our social media management strategy.

We chose to monitor both the company accounts and Joshua’s personal profiles. His status as an influential accounting professional was invaluable in establishing the credibility of company accounts. We programmed a robust content calendar that reflected Joshua’s expertise in his field.