Case Study

Avner Gat Inc.

Meet The Client

Avner Gat Inc. is a public adjuster firm based in Los Angeles. Public adjusters advocate for homeowners as they file a claim with their insurance provider.

Our work began with the creation of an informative and search-engine friendly website. Your website is the face of your company, and it should be reflective of your business practices. In the case of Avner Gat Inc., we worked to ensure that every aspect of the website reflected the hassle-free personal attention each client receives.

Creative Education

Many homeowners are unaware of the services that public adjusters can provide. As a result, part of our marketing strategy included consumer education. Instead of writing lengthy guides, we turned to video. Research reveals that over 79% of consumers prefer learning about a service through video. We created an animated explainer video that quickly communicates the value of Avner Gat Inc.’s services.

Building Consumer Trust

In the service industry, consumer trust is critical. As a newly established business, Avner Gat Inc. needed to project professionalism and excellence. To accomplish this goal, we created and managed informative social media accounts for the company. We also expanded the information available on Yelp and other review platforms. Throughout the course of our partnership, Avner Gat Inc. has built and maintained an overwhelmingly positive reputation among clients.


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