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Plastic Surgery SEO

Good search engine optimization drives visitors to your website. Great search engine optimization drives patients to your door.

Holistic & Value-driven Plastic Surgery SEO

If you’re like most practice owners, you’ve probably received conflicting advice about marketing. From social media management to print advertising, it seems like there is no end to the list of possible strategies. With all of these options out there, most practice owners eventually ask themselves the question: why should I invest in plastic surgery SEO?

At Emet Digital, we think that the answer is simple. Research has shown that the first page of search results receives 90% of the traffic. That means that when prospective patients search for procedures that you provide, you have a limited window to capture their attention. You’re competing with every other practice in your marketing, trying to make a positive first impression. Plastic surgery SEO is like a digital facelift. It ensures that your practice is visible to qualified leads, professionally portrayed, and engaging.

Search engine results are your introduction to prospective patients. We’ll help you put your best foot forward.

What is Plastic Surgery SEO?

At Emet Digital, we love to educate our plastic surgery marketing partners! We believe that full transparency is critical. That’s because it allows you to feel confident in the strategies we’re using to improve your website. So, what exactly is plastic surgery SEO?

In the simplest terms, search engine optimization gives algorithms and bots the information they need to understand your website. When search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing index your website, they are trying to understand how it fits into the overall ecosystem of the internet.

The purpose of a search engine is to produce the most accurate and relevant information in response to each search. In order to determine relevance, these algorithms take in information about word count, images, structured data, keywords, and the geographic information of the user and the business. After considering all of the available information, the search engine will determine where and how to display your website in search results. That’s why rankings are constantly changing!

Plastic surgery SEO is the process of influencing search engine results. For example, when we optimize meta descriptions and SEO titles, we can control how your business appears to users searching for specific terms. Our goal is to showcase your experience, services, professionalism, and credentials.

Some of the techniques we use are:

Keyword Research

Keyword research allows us to track and analyze the keywords or phrases that your target audience uses. It can also reveal what your competition is doing. When we integrate those keywords into your onsite and offsite content, it positively impacts your visibility. At Emet Digital, our client’s are highly involved in the keyword research process. We want to ensure that our efforts align with your business goals. We’ll discuss your profit margins on individual procedures as well as areas where you would like to see growth. After we have this information, we can create a dynamic strategy to position your practice in front of your ideal audience.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization is an umbrella term. The phrase refers to a variety of tasks that improve your website. This includes integrating structured metadata, rich snippets, ensuring readability and keyword density, and establishing a clear site structure. Our keyword research heavily informs onsite optimization. Done properly, this process can impact organic search rankings and decrease your cost-per-acquisition.

Link Building

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing rely on many factors when determining your ranking. One of those factors is the number of links going in and out of your website. Links to your website, also known as inbound links, indicate that you are active and producing valuable, share-worthy content. Links from your website to other websites are called outbound links. These links can communicate that you participate with others in your industry. Striking the correct balance between inbound and outbound links is critical, as is the domain authority of the linking websites. We work with our clients to create a dynamic and compelling link portfolio.

The True Value of Plastic Surgery SEO

Search engine optimization is a dense and confusing topic. Whether you’re updating your homepage or overhauling your site structure, every change to your website impacts search results. While other digital marketing agencies settle for vague descriptions of the benefits of plastic surgery SEO, we want you to truly understand the value of our work.

Think of it this way: every time your practice appears in search results, you’re attending a job interview. Plastic surgery SEO is the digital equivalent of preparing a resume.

Most of your patients will find your practice online. In the same way that you would dress professionally for an interview, search engine optimization ensures that your website looks polished and put-together. Furthermore, it allows you to present your credentials, past successes, and experience to your visitors. By incorporating content like photo galleries or testimonials, you’re helping prospective patients to connect with your practice.

Of course, in an interview, you would expect the interviewer to ask you questions in order to determine whether you’re the right candidate for the job. When searching online, your prospective patients rarely take the time to ask questions. In fact, your audience spends an average of 1.27 seconds viewing your listing. If they are not impressed, they will move on.

Search engine optimization gives you the opportunity to address barriers to purchase! Some barriers to purchase could be cost, desired experience of the surgeon, expected recovery time, and insurance acceptance. When you answer these questions before they are asked, you build trust with prospective patients and increase the likelihood that they will transition into a lead.

The simple truth is: if you don’t invest in plastic surgery SEO, you will lose business.

At Emet Digital, we triage your digital presence. When we begin our work, we’ll start with the changes that will have the biggest impact. Of course, just as your patients must allow for recovery time after a procedure, it may take a while for your rankings to improve after we begin our work. It’s human nature to want immediate results, but good things take time! At the end of the day, search engine optimization yields incredible returns, improves patient experience, and provides real, long-lasting value.

It’s time to take advantage of local search. What could you accomplish with plastic surgery SEO?

Reach Page One.

Did you know that the practices in the first three positions on Google search results receive 60% of the total traffic? Your position in the SERPs isn’t a vanity metric, it has a measurable impact on your revenue. For that reason, at Emet Digital, plastic surgery SEO is a priority, not an afterthought.

Every conversion begins with website traffic. When a prospective patient inputs your keywords, the search results they generate become a battleground. You are competing for visibility with the other practices in your area and within your niche. As your marketing partners, our role is to clearly communicate the value of your services and expertise. As users interact with your practice, we ensure that they’re met with engaging content and authenticity.

The truth is, there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions for practices who want to rank on the first page of Google. Plastic surgery SEO isn’t a guarantee of success, it’s an investment in future results! We’ll work with you to evaluate the foundation of your brand before making our recommendations. Together, we’ll identify growth opportunities for your website and determine how search engine optimization impacts your bottom line.

Beat the Competition.

Your competition is already investing in plastic surgery SEO. In order to compete, you’ll need to establish brand recognition and practice visibility. The best way to generate these results is to create a dynamic and flexible plan to address challenges from all angles. We work with our plastic surgery marketing partners to create comprehensive strategies.

All of your marketing efforts should be reflective your brand and your core messaging. This creates a foundation for consumer trust. Whether your patients are searching for reconstructive work or cosmetic surgery, you can rise above the competition by projecting a consistent brand with great qualifications and experience!

Just as you encourage your patients to be proactive in addressing healthcare concerns, it’s a good idea to be proactive in your marketing strategy. We’ll help you leverage your past success and history of satisfied patients by integrating your testimonials and encouraging customer feedback. Social proof is often the final differentiating factor as people are trying to make decisions.

Discover search engine results that look as good as your patients.

The Emet Digital Difference

At Emet Digital, we take a unique approach to plastic surgery SEO. We don’t create band-aids, we create long-term solutions. In order to produce the best results, our work brings together plastic surgery SEO and conversion rate optimization.

Every day, we help plastic surgery practices get aggressive about their online strategy. While search engine optimization is extremely beneficial on its own, we maximize the impact of our work by considering conversions at every turn. As bots and search engines index your website, they learn more about your practice and assess how users interact with you. If you’re generating conversions, it can positively impact your search rankings, as well as your bottom line.

Our team is always willing to do the hard work to improve and maintain your rankings. We design beautiful websites and create engaging content that appeals to search engines as well as patients. This allows us to produce long-lasting results while lowering your cost-per-acquisition.

When will I see results?

Search engine optimization isn’t about immediate results. Instead, it’s about continuous and reliable increases in your search rankings. As we make improvements to your website, it will take a bit of time for Google to index these changes. Pay per click campaigns produce instant traffic, but the benefit is only temporary. When the campaign ends, so does the traffic. By contrast, search engine optimization yields ongoing returns in the months and years that follow.

How long will I need to do search engine optimization?

Plastic surgery SEO is an ongoing commitment. In particularly competitive markets, even small changes can be the difference between page one and page three of the search results! At the end of the day, that difference is responsible for an enormous discrepancy in traffic. As Google, Yahoo, and Bing update their algorithms, we update our strategy as well! We work with our plastic surgery marketing partners to ensure that their online presence always reflects industry standards and best practices. Lastly, your competition is always evolving. We track changes to the search landscape to maintain dominance for our clients.

Do I need to do other kinds of digital marketing as well?

When your website gets traffic from search engine optimization, it is considered ‘organic’ traffic. That means that we didn’t pay for an ad campaign, or otherwise entice visitors. SEO is best used in conjunction with other marketing efforts, such as social media management.

Organic search results are generally the most sustainable. Pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) require an ongoing budget. It is almost impossible to sustain growth with PPC alone, whereas SEO can stand on its own. Typically, our clients use plastic surgery SEO as one component of their overall marketing strategy. High search engine rankings can have beneficial effects on other marketing efforts, creating a feedback loop of new patient acquisition.

How will SEO increase my conversions and profits?

Search engine optimization maximizes the visibility of your practice, but it’s not the only piece of the conversion puzzle! Our plastic surgery SEO services include extensive onsite optimization. During that process, we not only optimize for search engines, we also incorporate lead tracking tools like contact forms, chat functionality, live scheduling, and call tracking phone numbers. This helps us monitor your conversion rate, and allows your sales team to track incoming leads. Furthermore, we consistently analyze the data from these tools in order to determine where our marketing efforts will be most impactful.