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Targeted Medical Marketing

Medical marketing isn’t just about attracting patients. It’s about positioning you as a thought leader in your industry. We work with our clients to increase visibility and exposure while providing valuable and authoritative content so that you can have long-lasting relationships with your patients.

At Emet Digital, we position your practice in front of potential new clients. Our medical marketing strategy combines professionalism, style, and substance. We believe that a flexible, holistic, and data-driven strategy is the key to beating your competition.

Our Main Marketing Services​


While searching for a healthcare provider, many patients turn to search engines first. Search engine optimization drives organic traffic to your website and increases the visibility of your brand.

Web Development

Your website is your most valuable lead generation tool. A responsive, engaging and conversion-focused design helps you make contact with future patients and communicate the value of your services and experience.


Pay-per-click campaigns are like the fast lane of medical marketing. Careful audience targeting and a high-converting landing page will position your practice in front of high-intent visitors who are likely to contact you.

Our Medical Marketing Services

What keywords are most important for your business? Do you appear in local search results? Should you really spend time managing and responding to reviews? How can you establish brand recognition?


With some much conflicting information available, it’s difficult to know which medical marketing tasks to prioritize. Industry experts seem to disagree on the best strategies, and generic advice from marketing articles may be ill-suited for your practice.The truth is, your time is valuable, and you deserve a marketing partner who can develop a customized strategy for your unique practice.


At Emet Digital, you’ll find a broad range of medical marketing services, including SEO, PPC, reputation management and web design. Before recommending a strategy, we work with each of our clients to understand their business goals. Together, we’ll thoroughly examine your current market position and discuss your definition of success. Success can differ dramatically between practices. For example, you may be seeking more physician referrals while another practice focuses on increasing brand recognition. When we understand your goals, we can recommend a comprehensive plan to address them.


Medical marketing is personal. It’s about building real and authentic connections with your patients. Your marketing strategy should be viewed as an extension of the standard physician-patient relationship. We’ll help you create a proactive medical marketing strategy that increases customer satisfaction, addresses your business goals, and lowers your patient acquisition costs.

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You deserve more than a cookie-cutter strategy and mediocre results. Together, we’ll build something exceptional. Our marketing strategy does the heavy lifting so that you focus on what you do best.

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At Emet Digital, we believe that relationships matter. In fact, strong personal relationships are the basis of everything we do! Our success relies on transparency, communication, and respect. Through long-term partnerships, we provide excellent customer service and consistent value for our clients.


"I've been working in the healthcare sector for over 2 decades, and by now I know that medical SEO is very competitive and industry-specific. The Emet Digital team is skilled, professional and results orientated. They took the time to understand our operational structure and sales process. After that, they were able to identify which keywords would help us connect with our potential clients and which platforms we should be on. In just a few months, they've built a new website for our company, and we're now ranking for very important search terms across the nation. Thank you, Emet Team!"

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Stephanie Lauro

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