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Over the years, the legal industry has grown increasingly saturated and many firms find it difficult to stand out. Your prospective clients have hundreds of choices available, and you’re competing for their attention at every turn. In a sea of similar strategies, expert legal marketing can make all the difference. At Emet Digital, we help firms engage with clients, establish industry authority, and communicate experience so they can beat the competition.


Trends change and algorithms evolve every day. Whether you’re an established firm, or you’re just starting out, you need a legal marketing partner that’s staying current on all the industry changes. We’re serious about your success, so we set aside vanity metrics and focus exclusively on generating results. At the end of the day, legal marketing impacts your clients as well as your bottom line. Together, we’ll attract new prospects and build a thriving client base for your firm.

Our Main Marketing Services​


Search engine optimization allows you to meet your audience halfway. By communicating the value of your firm and your services to search engines, you can increase your overall visibility and attract new clients.

Web Development

Your website has the power to attract clients and generate leads at every hour of the day. With expert web development and proper on-site optimization, your website will become a driver of high-quality leads.


Pay-per-click campaigns take your visibility to the next level. By performing in-depth keyword research and employing direct audience targeting, you can generate leads through paid search.

Our Legal Marketing Services

Legal marketing demands comprehensive strategies. We believe that you should have access to all the services you need under one roof. When we begin our partnership, we’ll work with you to assess your business goals and current challenges. This information is critical, and it lays the foundation for us to deliver lasting success on your terms.


At Emet Digital, we’re natives of the online landscape. We invest in the latest technology and ongoing employee education because we want to ensure that our clients have access to every growth opportunity. We offer a broad range of services, including SEO, PPC, reputation management, and web design. During your consultation, we’ll create a customized strategy recommendation. As your full-service legal marketing agency, we leverage our experience and industry connections to help you attract, engage, and convert new clients.

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You deserve more than a cookie-cutter strategy and mediocre results. Together, we’ll build something exceptional. Our marketing strategy does the heavy lifting so that you focus on what you do best.

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At Emet Digital, we believe that relationships matter. In fact, strong personal relationships are the basis of everything we do! Our success relies on transparency, communication, and respect. Through long-term partnerships, we provide excellent customer service and consistent value for our clients.


"Emet Digital has completely reshaped our digital marketing efforts and, more importantly, market impact. Maytal and her team have proved time and time again that not only do they come up with out of the box solutions and ideas, but also that they have knowledge and resources to increase measurable metrics."

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