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Results-driven Legal Marketing

You dominate the courtroom. We dominate search engines. Together, we’ll create bold strategies to increase your visibility, attract new clients, and increase your revenue.

Data-Driven Legal Marketing

Over the years, the legal industry has grown increasingly saturated and many firms find it difficult to stand out. Your prospective clients have hundreds of choices available, and you’re competing for their attention at every turn. In a sea of similar strategies, expert legal marketing can make all the difference. At Emet Digital, we help firms engage with clients, establish industry authority, and communicate experience so they can beat the competition.

Trends change and algorithms evolve every day. Whether you’re an established firm, or you’re just starting out, you need a legal marketing partner that’s staying current on all the industry changes. We’re serious about your success, so we set aside vanity metrics and focus exclusively on generating results. At the end of the day, legal marketing impacts your clients as well as your bottom line. Together, we’ll attract new prospects and build a thriving client base for your firm.

Success is a big-picture endeavor. We’ll help you achieve it.

Our Legal Marketing Services

Legal marketing demands comprehensive strategies. We believe that you should have access to all the services you need under one roof. When we begin our partnership, we’ll work with you to assess your business goals and current challenges. This information is critical, and it lays the foundation for us to deliver lasting success on your terms.

At Emet Digital, we’re natives of the online landscape. We invest in the latest technology and ongoing employee education because we want to ensure that our clients have access to every growth opportunity. We offer a broad range of services, including SEO, PPC, reputation management, and web design. During your consultation, we’ll create a customized strategy recommendation. As your full-service legal marketing agency, we leverage our experience and industry connections to help you attract, engage, and convert new clients.

Web Development

Your website has the power to attract clients and generate leads at every hour of the day. With expert web development, your website will become an engine for conversion.


Search engine optimization allows you to meet your audience halfway. By communicating the value of your firm and your services to search engines, you can increase your overall visibility and attract new clients.

Reputation Management

Before you take on a case, you make sure to research your client. The truth is, your prospective clients are researching you as well. Reputation management allows you to shape perceptions, demonstrate credibility, and establish industry authority.


Pay-per-click campaigns take your visibility to the next level. By performing in-depth keyword research and employing direct audience targeting, you can generate leads through paid search.

The Secret to Effective Legal Marketing.

What keywords are the most effective in attracting my target audience? Do I need to respond to reviews? Where am I ranking on Google? Does my website convey expertise and professionalism?

We hear questions like this every day. Truth is, you’re probably regularly bombarded by mixed messages about legal marketing. Many firms feel discouraged before they even start, fearing that they won’t have the marketing budget to compete with the big players in their local arena. Fortunately, success isn’t about the size of your marketing budget, it’s about how you spend it.

Your prospective clients turn to the internet from the moment they begin their search for representation. At this stage, reputation management and search engine optimization are critical. We help our legal marketing partners to ensure that they are highly visible on search engines, review sites, and professional directories. Of course, attracting attention is only half the battle! In order to generate conversions, you’ll need to understand what your clients truly want.

This is where so many law firms and legal marketing agencies go wrong. While flashy graphics displaying settlement amounts may attract attention, they don’t always move the needle. Your audience is looking for legal representation, but they’re also looking for something intangible.

Your prospective clients need to trust you.

Legal situations are stressful, and people want to feel that they are in good hands with their attorney. Your audience can sense a disingenuous sales pitch and they can see beyond positive press. In order to establish trust with prospective clients, you need to invest in your firm and paint an authentic picture of your services. But what exactly does that look like?

The truth is, your law firm has a unique brand and personality. When people interact with your firm online, they should see content that demonstrates authenticity, as well as an understanding of their situation. Your branding should project competence, professionalism, experience, and high standards of service. Personal photos and video testimonials are also great tools for creating an authentic connection.

Your caseload is difficult. Your legal marketing doesn’t have to be! We’ll create a marketing strategy that does the heavy lifting while you focus on what you do best.

Increase Your Revenue.

You’ve probably heard the saying: you have to spend money to make money. Many firms embrace this mentality and spend tens of thousands of dollars to paid marketing campaigns with inconsistent returns. At Emet Digital, we think there’s a better way. We increase your revenue by ensuring that your marketing budget works for you.

Ultimately, your revenue depends on your ability to attract new clients, retain existing ones, and provide quality service that inspires advocacy for your firm. Many of our clients come to us after a negative experience with another legal marketing agency. In fact, we hear the horror stories all the time: budgets wasted, bad leads, and low conversions. At Emet Digital, we believe in full transparency and clear communication. You’ll always know where your budget is going and the results of our campaigns.

At Emet Digital, we’re passionate about ethical service and high-quality results. We don’t believe in mediocre work, and we never cut corners with your business. Success doesn’t come easily, but with our innovative and growth-driven strategies, we deliver exceptional client experiences and consistent ROI.

Get More Cases.

Good legal marketing delivers quantity. Great legal marketing delivers quality. At Emet Digital, we always insist on quality leads! That means that we’ll need to identify your ideal client. Together, we’ll review your past and present cases to identify any common traits between your favorite customers. For example, we might realize that all of your favorite personal injury clients filed car accident claims. With this knowledge, we’ll be able to identify and target specific growth areas.

At Emet Digital, we know that your law firm has unique needs and priorities. Our experience has shown that the best and most rewarding client acquisition happens when we align your long-term business goals with a focus on generating local returns. Together, we’ll build a thriving, profitable client base that you love.

You deserve more than cookie-cutter strategy and mediocre results. Together, we’ll build something exceptional.

The Emet Digital Difference.

At Emet Digital, we truly love what we do, and we know there are no shortcuts to success. We push ourselves to achieve more each day, and we are relentless in the pursuit of client success. Our team brings high-energy and technical expertise to every client strategy. Although there are other legal marketing agencies in Los Angeles, we’ve earned our stellar reputation through great service and personal attention.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we provide all the tools for success. Our team is composed of industry experts and thought leaders. This ensures that our clients receive the same superior service across departments. We value our role as marketing leaders, and we insist on transparent communication and results. Furthermore, we take the time to really understand the legal field, and this investment in our work is readily apparent in our results.
Together, we can make your vision a reality!

How do you determine ROI for my marketing efforts?

We look a 4 different metrics when evaluating our progress. We look at keyword ranking, organic website traffic, website conversions, and paid advertising conversions. This gives us a very comprehensive picture of our progress month-to-month. At Emet Digital, we understand that traffic doesn’t produce a return on investment unless it results in a lead, which is why we look at conversions for both organic and paid traffic to your website.

What is your philosophy for writing great content?

The days of dry, dull website copy are long gone! Where humans have always been able to spot bad content, search engines have now caught up. Sites like Google and Bing look at bounce rate, interactions, and overall engagement metrics when determining search ranking. This is great news for most internet users because it incentivizes writers to create lengthy, accurate and relevant content. Our keyword research reveals the terms and queries that your audience uses, and then we use our research to inform our writing. We have years of experience writing legal content, and we focus on bringing value to your clients!

What kind of firms do you work with?

We know that many firms have different areas of expertise. We offer legal marketing services to firms in the following fields:

- Personal injury law
- Employment law
- Estate planning
- Corporate law
- Intellectual property law
- Business law
- Corporate law
- Criminal law
- Immigration law
- Medical malpractice law
- Tax law
- Family law
- General practitioners

If you don’t see your specialty listed, don’t worry! We’re happy to meet with anyone interested in our legal marketing. During our first consultation, we’ll discuss your business and your goals to determine whether or not we’ll be a good match. We look forward to building a long-term partnership with your firm!

Can you give me a list of your prices and packages?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer an accurate price list without an initial consultation. Standardized packages with no room for customization are not likely to produce the desired return on investment. Before we can offer plan recommendations and industry insight, we’ll need to meet with you to discuss your goals, organizational structure, growth projections, and current revenue streams.

We provide honest, straightforward advice to every business. That honesty extends to our pricing models. We never include unplanned fees or hidden charges, and we don’t give advance estimates before we understand the scope of work involved in your project. At Emet Digital, we make great service affordable.