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Effective Dental Marketing

Convert potential website visitors into loyal clients! Together, we’ll expand your client base and dominate your target market.

Dental Marketing that Works!

Dental marketing does more than attract new patients. It builds your brand, establishes lasting patient relationships, and increases practice visibility in valuable markets. Whether you’re trying to breathe new life into a stagnant practice, reorient your patients after a rebrand, or solidify your position as a healthcare leader in the community – we’ll develop a strategy that works for you.

At Emet Digital, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise. Your marketing strategy should be comprehensive and address your specific business goals. We’re passionate about helping our partners beat the competition and increase profits. Together, we’ll evaluate your practice and develop a holistic marketing strategy to help you grow your practice.

It’s time to stop surviving in your local market. Let us help you thrive!

Search engines are smart. You need a dental marketing agency that’s smarter.

Our Dental Marketing Services

Are you getting the best possible results from your online presence? If you’re like many dental practice owners, you may be unsure. Dentistry is an extremely competitive industry, and marketing is crucial to expanding your practice. Unfortunately, while it’s easy to acknowledge the importance of marketing efforts, it can be difficult to know where you need to focus your attention.

The truth is: your time is valuable, and dental marketing takes that time away from what you do best. At Emet Digital, we know digital marketing, inside and out. Our services include SEO, PPC, reputation management, and web design. We work with our clients to tailor make a dental marketing strategy that helps them achieve their goals on their timeline.

It’s easy to oversimplify the idea of success. Of course, every practice would like to make more money and acquire new patients, but success may mean different things for different practices. For example, some practices may want to focus on attracting patients looking for implants, cosmetics and veneers. Others may prioritize aggressive revenue growth goals. During your in-depth consultation, we’ll look at what success means for your practice and recommend a comprehensive plan to meet your goals.

Web Development

Your website should have a credible, unique and authentic marketing message. By combining an impactful message with a professional, responsive design, you can engage your visitors and increase conversions.


Research has shown that 9 out of every 10 dental patients begin their search for a provider on Google. Search engine optimization allows you to capture that traffic and ensure that your practice is visible to prospective clients.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation is the cornerstone to establishing trust with new patients. Proactive reputation management ensures that they see an accurate representation of your practice.


While SEO generates long-term results, pay-per-click campaigns prioritize speed. Through extensive keyword research and sophisticated audience targeting, your message can be directed exclusively toward patients at the end of the sales funnel.

The Secret Ingredient to Our Dental Marketing.

How can I generate new, positive reviews for my practice? What changes do I need to make to my website to rank on Google? Am I using the right keywords in my copy? How should I establish my professional brand?

It’s normal to have questions about dental marketing. In fact, many practice owners say that they are constantly bombarded by mixed messages. While one article may suggest that you spend all your money on paid ads, another article may focus on the importance of educating patients through email marketing. There’s no one size fits all solution, which is why you need a marketing company that understands your priorities before making recommendations.

Dental patients are looking for care providers in the same place they look for everything else – the internet. In order to compete, your practice needs to be visible on search engines, review sites, and professional directories. In order to win, you have to understand what transforms your visitors from passive viewers into engaged and purchasing patients.

Imagine that you are a prospective patient visiting your website for the first time. Do you feel confident that the information is reliable? Is the messaging consistent? Does the graphic design look professional? Most importantly: does the website clearly communicate that you take pride in your practice, your brand, and the quality of your work?

Your patients need to see that you are invested in your practice in order to trust you.

The fact is, your dental practice has a brand, just like any other business or corporation. And your online presence should project the same level of professionalism that new patients can expect from you. By investing in dental marketing, you are showing new potential clients that you hold yourself to the highest standards in every aspect of your business.

Not all websites are created equal, and building trust requires authenticity. In order to stand out from the competition, your patients need to see authenticity. This can mean putting your photo on the homepage, showcasing your staff, or using real before and after photos. Real faces that showcase real experiences are more likely to resonate with visitors.

By incorporating trust and authenticity into your dental marketing strategy, you have the opportunity to attract more patients and help them achieve their health goals.

Dental marketing doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth.

Increase Your Revenue.

Word of mouth advertising can help your practice grow, but unfortunately, attrition is inevitable. Every day, people move away, change insurance providers, or switch over to another practice. To offset this attrition, you’ll need to continually generate new business. But how?

Dental marketing is a highly competitive industry. Small changes to your strategy can be the difference between page one and page two of Google. Of course, developing an effective strategy takes time, so most dental marketing agencies focus on end-stage visitors. End-stage visitors are people at the end of the sales funnel who are close to making a purchase decision. Other agencies assume that people at the end of the sales funnel are more valuable visitors because they are ready to make a purchase.

While this strategy may seem effective on the surface, it’s likely costing you thousands in lost revenue. At Emet Digital, our full-funnel dental marketing targets patients at all stages of the sales funnel. By creating genuine, authentic and engaging content, we can transition low-intent visitors to the final stages of the sales funnel without a loss of focus and connection.

Attract More Patients.

As your marketing partner, one of our first tasks will be defining your ideal patient. When the process begins, many practice owners are unsure how to articulate the traits they’re looking for. We’ll work together to go over your patient list and identify commonalities between your most valuable customers. From there, we can discuss the areas where you’d like to see new patient growth.

When we define your ideal patient, we go beyond their most basic features like age and gender. Instead, we think about their habits, preferences, and lifestyle. What kind of dentist-patient interaction do they want from you? Do they value exclusivity and luxury or fast and efficient service?

At Emet Digital, we take the time to answer these questions because we prioritize patient quality, rather than quantity. We help our partners connect with qualified prospects and turn them into patients. Our experience has shown that the most beneficial patient acquisition happens when we align your long-term business goals with a focus on generating returns at a local level. Together, we’ll build a thriving, profitable patient base that you love.

Page one of Google is closer than you think. Together, we’ll elevate your practice.

The Emet Digital Difference

Our goal is to help you make your vision a reality. At Emet Digital, we’re passionate about helping practices increase revenue and grow their patient base. We know that your business is unique, which is why each of our partners receives dedicated personal attention and unique industry insights. We believe that every practice deserves a dental marketing strategy that leads to sustainable, scalable growth.

The truth is, there are no shortcuts to success. Great dental marketing has a positive impact on patient satisfaction, as well as your bottom line. By forming a real relationship with our marketing partners, we can produce great results, lasting value, and true return on investment.

At Emet Digital, we’ve spent years perfecting our dental marketing techniques. When you work with us, you’re not just asking to rank, you’re asking to OUTRANK the competition. We create strategies that improve patient satisfaction, increase revenue and address your business goals.

How can you be sure your strategies will work?

Our dental marketing strategies are completely customized for each of our partners. What works for one practice may not work for another. We determine which strategies will be effective by assessing search data, geographic information, domain authority, and more. When it comes to marketing, there are very few guarantees. However, we do rely on our knowledge of consumer psychology.

Most people want to work with an authentic and trustworthy business. Therefore, in all of our strategies, we prioritize authenticity. By earning patient trust, we help our partners attract new clients in the most competitive markets.

When will I start to get new patients?

Dental marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. When we form a new partnership, we have an open and transparent discussion where we set realistic goals and expectations for new patient flow. While some of our clients may be comfortable investing in paid search for immediate results, others may prefer an organic strategy. Every practice acquires new patients at a different rate depending on their budget and business goals.

Throughout the duration of our partnership, we perform ongoing lead tracking to ensure you receive a return on your investment. Our philosophy is that clear explanations are the best way to ensure happy clients. By tracking your lead generation results, we’re able to offer ongoing strategic insights and modify our marketing strategy when necessary.

Can you give me more information about your prices and packages?

Unfortunately, we do not have a set price list because we believe it would be a disservice to our clients. We understand that other dental marketing agencies may advertise flat fee pricing for individual services, however, in our experience, these ‘flat fees’ can double or even triple after your initial consultation.

At Emet Digital, we prefer the upfront, straightforward approach. When you meet with us, we’ll evaluate your business to identify your long-term goals, current revenue streams and existing patient acquisition avenues. After we have this information, we can give you an accurate estimate. We’re committed to full transparency, so we can’t offer precise pricing information without assessing your practice.

What type of dental practices do you work with?

We enjoy working with dentists in a variety of specialties, including:

- Pediatric dentists
- Multi-location practices
- Family practice
- Oral Surgeons
- Endodontists
- Orthodontist
- Periodontist
- Prosthodontist

We’re happy to meet with anyone interested in our dental marketing services. During our consultation, we’ll discuss your needs and determine whether we’ll be a good match.